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Parking in Whitby

Parking in Whitby and Sandsend causes some confusion, after an often long journey to Whitby the last thing you want is to stress about where to park, which disc to use etc. This page will hopefully answer some questions and give a best place to park guide for each cottage.


For the pay and display car parks in Whitby the Tourist Information Centre can sell you a permit daily / weekly depending on the length of your stay, whilst this doesnt guarantee you a space it does make it slightly cheaper and easier than going to your car each day to put a ticket on it.


On the west side of the town there are many streets that allow 1 or 3 hour disc parking. Most of the cottages have a supply of discs and lots of shops / garages give them away. They are FREE. These allow parking for up to 1 or 3 hours depending on the zone you are in but are great to use for loading and unloading. These 1 and 3 hour zones are not time limited from 7pm until 9 am. A link to the map provided by the local council showing the parking zones and areas is at the bottom of the page.


Some cottages that fall within the 3 hour disc zones can supply parking scratch cards that allow parking in the 3 hour w zones for up to 4 days, (not just 3 hours) instructions on how to use them are on the back of the cards, you need to fill in your registration number, accommodation name and complete your arrival day then display it prominently on your dashboard.

Cottages that provide scratch cards: Molly Miles, Artemis Apartment, La Maison Apartment, Oyster Apartment, Presby House,  The Boot Room, Taldomas Gallery, Lobster Pot Cottage,The Penthouse, Skylark Cottage, 4 Clarks Yard.

1 or 2 bedroomed cottages will be given parking cards for 1 car for the duration of the stay.

3 or 4 bedroomed cottages will be given parking cards for 2 cars for the duration of the stay.

Extra parking cards can be bought for an extra charge (dependant on availablity at the time)

Cottages that do not provide scratch cards: The Folly, Salty Sams, Saucy Sals, Storm Cottage, Marine View, Rose Cottage, St Marys View, Thordisa, Calico Apartment, The Bungalow, Harbour View, Endeavour View, Peacehaven, Ravenswood, Sandside Apartment, The Lookout, Bridge View, Crystal Cottage, The Crows Nest, pips Bolt Hole, Squirrels Leap, Clamshell Cottage

Cottages with private parking

St Marys View


The Bungalow

Lobster Pot Cottage


Clamshell (for a small car as access is through a small tunnel)

More information coming soon...

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